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Target Audience - For Aspiring Individuals

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Online French Training:

  • A course aimed at making French learning Easy,
  • A course in the Comfort of your House,
  • A course at your Comfortable Timing,
  • A course within your means,
  • From us; For you; to make you Confident in ‘Spoken French’


  • Experienced and Passionate Trainers.
  • Interactive Sessions.
  • Accessible from your place.
  • Basic, Intermediary and Advanced levels to make you Proficient.
  • Convenient Weekday/Weekend Sessions to choose from.
  • Convenient Time Slots to choose from.


Our Instructors are passionate enablers with very good industry experience.


Any individual who is desirous of learning French language

Duration of the course

60 hours total duration spread across time line as is convenient to you

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