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Online Aspirations Profiling for a Potential Trainer to Become a Certified Trainer

  • A course aimed at providing Answers to millions of Questions arising in the way of leading a Meaningful/Successful Life,
  • A course at the Comfort of your House,
  • A course at your Comfortable Timing,
  • A course that will enable a life of larger contribution,
  • From us - For you :-  to make you Confident to ‘Enable thousands to be Successful in Life’.


  • Experienced and Passionate Trainers,
  • Interactive Sessions,
  • Accessible from your place,
  • Convenient Weekday/Weekend Sessions to choose from,
  • Convenient Time Slots to choose from.


Our Instructors are passionate enablers with very good industry experience.

Passion to enable people as a trainer

We invite all Individuals who are genuinely having a hunger to lead a more meaningful life of enabling people operate from a deeper sense of belongingness. We welcome all those who desire to be part of this silent revolution aimed at enabling human beings to transform from leading a life of Survival to leading an Aspirational Life that is very importantly aligned with the Laws of Nature. This certification program can well become your entire Purpose of life and a very satisfying career for life.

Eligible for

This is an exclusive Train The Trainer - Certification Course. Those who successfully complete this training program will be certified to practice as a Trainer of this program across Colleges, Corporates and Individuals under the banner of LCS.

Duration of the Course

50 hours certification course with timelines as per your convenience.

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